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quotesA life fully lived is like a tapestry worn and tattered, yet beautiful in the way it is woven together by a seemingly random connection of passages and special moments.Christine Patterson

Christine Patterson is fascinated by people’s reactions when they look at something bigger than themselves, even common objects, such as faces and bits of handwriting. In her art, she magnifies simple intimate moments so the viewer can explore the secrets within. The subtlety of her work evolves before your eyes, evoking memories, hopes, desires and questions. The images suggest a feeling, a time, a story – one that builds in each viewer’s imagination.

In her current work, she is drawing from her vast collections of photographic images and other items and is creating mixed media fine art using digital photography techniques, color and resin on wood. Each piece is layered with material and emotion. The result is a dimensional work on a flat panel that calls out to be touched. And, because of the unique process, the work is touchable, allowing the viewer to imprint a part of their energy and experience into the many layers of the piece.