Categories Equus: Art of the Horse

quotesLet a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it.Unknown

The horse seems to weave its legacy both in our physical and maybe as importantly, into our spiritual dimension. From the dawn of time, for almost twenty millions years, horses have had their stories told through cave drawings, mythology, biblical references, art, war, literature, folk stories and much more. Each story and reference, masterly weaves the intricate legacy and impact that the horse has had in our world.

But most of all, the mark that horses have made on so many hearts, including my own, is what calls me to this project. In many ways, “The Art of the Horse” is a nostalgic sojourn pulling me into my own memories of growing up on a horse farm. It is a calling that is not only personal but also to capture their grace and the essence that surrounds them. My hope is to embrace these moments, giving gratitude to these divine animals, to honor their loyalty and the impact they have made in our world.