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Echoes & Images of Tennessee’s Past was an exhibit about points on a map, point in time, and most importantly, a point of view.

A photographic and emotional point-of-view that respects the natural beauty that is in our own backyard — and, while seemingly timeless when captured through the camera’s eye, may in fact, be gone but with a blink of an eye.  A point-of-view that respects the past and those generations and traditions carried on throughout the years.

“Echoes & Images” has been a journey down back-roads and back in time; from the settlement of Rugby , to the time of the war between the states and its tragedy at Carnton Plantation, to a 100 year old operating general store in Mountain City.  From the simplicities of pioneer life in cabins of Norris, to Governor Blount’s office where in 1796 our state became reality.

These images of the past have been silently waiting to be captured on film – captured in form so they can burst into life in the viewer’s eye and mind.  Perhaps you may hear the sounds of a roaring steam engine coming into Cowan Station, or hear the older men chatting away about the day’s events in Danny Cheshire’s Barber Shop.

It is my sincere hope that these images reproduced in my book Haunting Memories: Echoe's & Images of Tennessee Past “Haunting Memories: Echoes & Images of Tennessee’s Past” which features noted historian Wilma Dykeman’s writings in poetic verses, will further take you back to a time of innocence lost.

When the story behind each image is told, it is hoped these points on a map and the points in time, along with the impressions shown here, will be appreciated for what they look like new and for what they once were…