Categories Boundaries: Spoken and Unspoken

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.”
Brene Brown

Personal boundaries are invisible lines that are hard to define as they can change and are unique to each individual and their seasons of life. These boundaries are expressed most importantly through spoken messages and words to define how we wish to be treated. Unspoken words can influence our daily life as well and trigger an inner dialogue that can be either supportive or damaging.

Why is it that so many of us struggle in enforcing and upholding our boundaries?

What holds us back? Is it fear? Fear of not being included, not loved, or deserving enough? These doorways that can be opened depend on our truth within ourselves and most importantly, loving ourselves. They mark our boundaries and without personal word values our identities become vague and we fall into an arena where others define us.

Through the use of imagery and words this body of work is a story of questioning boundaries through our everyday life. Exploring through images combined with spoken and often unspoken words, an inner dialogue can begin. This body of work became a visual diary of struggling through my own personal boundaries and realizing the power of images and words combined to open doors that had been closed.

For me, words are like passwords and have the capability of unlocking and opening doors. A single word has the power to influence our physical and emotional state. Words can influence us, change us and define us.

Maintaining personal boundaries is essential to our emotional security and maintenance of our healthy relationships. When we “choose” to have respectful boundaries this in turn becomes an attraction to other like minded individuals to be part of our lives. When we define our boundaries we are essentially saying we understand and know where “we” begin and “others” start.

So, what is your personal story…..are your boundaries spoken or unspoken?